Our mission is to provide renovations to locals in need with mobility challenges. There are thousands of deserving people throughout Calgary, and with your nominations, we can begin helping them to have a more accessible living environment. By filling out the form below, you can let us know about someone you care about that needs a helping hand, a new start, or a push in the right direction.

The selected nominee will be chosen based upon several factors. The nominee must:

  • own their own home;
  • require renovations to make their home more accessible; and
  • be in financial need.

We read and consider every nomination, in the hope that we are making the biggest impact possible on our chosen recipients. We appreciate the team that each person makes to submit their nomination, but can only support a limited number of projects for the time being. As we grow and evolve, we hope that more nominations can be accepted, and aid offered.

Please complete the information below and SEND, or you may download the nomination form and mail in.

Download Nomination Form (.pdf, ~104 KB)

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