Ramon and Noemi Ramirez need help.

Living in the northeast community of Pineridge, Ramon suffers from a disease so rare it doesn’t have a name, with only eight others individuals in Canada diagnosed with similar symptoms.

Ramon's disease is extremely dehabiliting -- it has left him unable to speak, and with very limited mobility in his own home.

Noemi Ramirez has provided constant care to her husband, but due to a lack of wheelchair access in their home, to say this is difficult for her is an understatement:

In order to access the upper levels of their split-level house, Noemi must pull Ramon up and down the stairs using a rope.

Hearts and Hammers wants to help Ramon and Noemi Ramirez, such that they never have to experience that again.

We plan to renovate their Pineridge home. This will include lifts and ramps to make the house wheelchair-accessible, and will allow the couple to stay comfortably in their own home together.

How Can You Help?

We're now recruiting sponsors who can assist with completing the estimated $65,000 renovation through the donation of materials or funds.

More information is available on our sponsorship page.

Any interested sponsors can contact us at (403) 808-5998, or contact us here.